Vanitas & Still Life Wall Art Photography

Vanitas is an artistic genre that highlights the emptiness of life and the relevance of death as the end of worldly pleasures. It is considered a subgenre of still life or still life, usually of high symbolic and allegorical value. It is a Latin term (vanĭtas) that means vanity (from vanus, "emptiness"), understood not as arrogance or pride but in the sense of futility, insignificance, fragility of life, brevity of existence.

A still life, also known as a still life, is a work of art that represents animals, flowers and other objects, which can be natural (fruits, food, plants, rocks or shells) or man-made (kitchen utensils, tableware or home, antiques, books, jewelry, coins, pipes, etc.) in a given space. This branch of painting usually uses design, chromaticism and lighting to produce an effect of serenity, well-being and harmony. With origins in antiquity and very popular in Western art since the 17th century, the still life gives the artist more compositional freedom than other pictorial genres such as landscape or portraits. Still lifes, particularly before 1700, often contained religious and allegorical symbolism in relation to the objects they represented. Some modern still lifes break the two-dimensional barrier and employ three-dimensional mixed media, also using found objects, photography, computer-generated images, or sound and video.


These photographic pieces are unique, since the technique to be able to replicate the results required the study of the three painters in order to develop a photographic composition and transduction process that would assimilate to painting techniques, but adapted to photographic composition techniques.


The Photographer:

Enrique Reyes Vale, Chilean photographer, 42 years old. Focused, among other areas of photography, the pictorial genre of Still Life and its subgenre "Vanitas". He has received recognition from international photographic competitions in Russia (artistic photography and fine arts) and London (photojournalism professional level in competition, 2nd place internationally).

In the photographic genres of "Still Life y Vánitas", his artistic photographic approach is entirely focused on the compositional balance according to the study he has carried out on the works of Baroque painters such as the Italian painter Caravaggio, from which he has photographed the techniques of high contrasts, known as "Tenebrismo"; and of Spanish painters, with respect to whom he has observed "Naturalist" influences.



The composition of one of these photographs can take weeks or months, since each one is unique. From the conception of the concept, to the acquisition of the elements that are used for photographic composition and digital development, which consists of three different procedures, to adjust the process of photographic transduction to naturalistic and dark baroque techniques. The images that you will see in the next two photo galleries have taken about three years. Therefore, they are unique and innovative in the photographic field, and they earned the author recognitions in artistic photography and fine arts competitions in a renowned Russian international photography contest, which you can see in the parameter "Recognitions in International Competitions of this website ".

Vanitas Gallery:

Still Life Gallery:


Vanitas & Still Life Wall  Art Photography

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